2012 Holiday Science & Tech Fair

Software Apps Showcase


The shaping industry's adoption of Aku Shaper is changing the way surfboards are made, from idea inception to final product.
On iTunes:
A solution which allows insurance carriers and MGAs to provide mobile support for their customers.
Carolla Sports
On iTunes:
Carolla Sports keeps you in the action for the 2012 pro football season! Make your picks and ... earn points towards prizes.
Frii delivers amazing deals from your favorite local spots. None of our deals require advanced purchase… Simply show up…
Jon Borgonia and Kelli Ann Harada decided to combine their passions for illustration and creative problem solving to form Goma Games, a software & game development company.
Atomic Apples
Baden the Brontosaur
What do you Want?
Hawaii's best source for happy hour information has now gone mobile! GPS based happy hour information including menus, …


Organization dedicated to advancing the adoption of open data/API standards and the development of solutions capitalizing on open data in Hawaii. From their recent Honcelerator demo day:
Bike Rack App Honolulu by Jon Shear - Bike Rack App Honolulu will provide the community with key information about the location of bike racks on Oahu to increase bike ridership in support of the Oahu Bike Plan.
Using Government Data by Jared Kuroiwa - Governments around the world are starting to look at "Big Data" and releasing more and more to the public every day. Hawaii and the City and County of Honolulu have jumped into this movement this year. But what can we do with it? This presentation will look at how to use the Socrata platform being used by the federal, state and Honolulu governments and how the tech community can develop civic software to show the public and our government leaders how to use today's technology tools to visualize the data to make better decisions.
We are always looking for quality, unique, gifts that are truly locally-made to share our aloha and a little bit of the islands.
The LuxiBoard is a digital replacement for cork bulletin boards and printed signs while also serving as a virtual information desk.
MailGapp takes the guesswork out of checking the mailbox so you always know the right time to pick up your mail.
Cubed Rally Redline
Infinite Surf
Cubed Rally Racer
Waste Paper Basket Ball Diaries
Duck N Cover
myMERCI will help you prepare for a disaster and recover your losses. With myMERCI you can record information about disasters.
Tapiki is a Hawaii-based iPhone application and website development company. Tapiki provides professional expertise from application concept and design, to implementation, …
Sushi Star
Hawaii Filmmakers
Festivals of Hawaii
Advancements in technology and connectivity on the internet have made it possible for tea farmers to their tea direct to the market.
Tow Choice
Tow Choice is developing a system based on mobile devices that will ease the burden of finding, pricing and selecting professional roadside assistant providers.
UmiCam Inc. is a software startup, based in Honolulu. The company is developing a mobile platform which allows you to share and participate in events with your friends.



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