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2017 Legislative Bills

Relating To The High Technology Development Corporation. Changes the name to Hawaii Technology Development Corporation and repeals the Hawaii Software Service Center (obsolete).
Relating To The High Technology Development Corporation. Appropriates funds to continue the HTDC Small Business Innovation Research grant program.
Relating To The High Technology Development Corporation. Appropriates funds to continue the HTDC Manufacturing Grant Program.
Relating To Energy. Extends the sunset date and funding of the HTDC HONR Pilot Project to June 30, 2019.
HB1329 Relating To Technology Development. Appropriates funds to HTDC for grants to participants in the 2017 and 2018 Hawaii annual code challenge.
HB1449 Relating To Innovation Business Interaction. Establishes a convertible debt loan fund at HTDC to support early stage tech startups that have customer commitments but need financing.
SB1249 Relating To Technology Innovation. Establishes the Technology Innovation Corporation, a nonprofit corporation attached to the HTDC, to assist in attracting high technology development opportunities to the State. Appropriates funds.
HB0911 Relating To The High Technology Development Corporation. Establishes a program at HTDC to help tech companies share equipment.
Relating To Economic Development. Appropriates funds for HTDC to award grants to tech companies to offset STEM education project costs.
Relating To Business Development. Appropriates funds to HSDC to support the programs under its HI Growth Initiative program.
HB0593 Relating To Research Activities. Expands and extends the R&D tax credit.
HB0574 Relating To The Pacific International Space Center For Exploration Systems. Establishes an excise tax on basalt cinder and trap rock sold by wholesalers or dealers paid into PISCES.
Relating To The University Of Hawaii Research. Provides UH authority to create, promote, and participate in new economic enterprises and expand workforce opportunities.
HB0425 Relating To Technology Transfer At The University Of Hawaii. Clarifies that certain sections of the State Ethics Code shall not apply to UH technology transfer activities;
HB0909 Relating To The University Of Hawaii. Provides statute and funding for UH to implement a Center for Commercialization to commercialize University research.
SB1305 RELATING TO EDUCATION. Establishes and provides funding to DoEd for after school vocational education for grades 9 - 12.
HB1481 RELATING TO ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT. Establishes a DBEDT working group to study the uses of and best practices regarding blockchain technology.
SB1204 RELATING TO AGRICULTURE. Establishes an agriculture accelerator special fund to provide funds for ADC to provide grants to and invest in agriculture businesses.


Rev. 2/16/17

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