Under Hawaii law, a vendor must provide proof of compliance prior to the award of a contract of $2,500 or more with State and County government entities in Hawaii. 
The HCE is an electronic system that allows vendors doing business with State or County agencies to easily obtain proof that they are COMPLIANT with all applicable laws: Hawaii Department of Taxation, Internal Revenue Service, Hawaii Department of Commerce & Consumer Affairs, and the Hawaii Department of Labor & Industrial Relations. 

Follow these simple steps to start the HCE process:
1) Visit website:
2) Create an Account! There will be minimal annual fee required to subscribe. Be aware that this interface looks exactly the same as the Hawaii Business Express portal so don't get confused between the two! You will still need to register separately for this service. 
Below is an example of what an HCE Certificate will look like.
This all-in-one HCE certificate, "Certificate of Vendor Compliance," is submitted in place of a tax clearance, labor certificate, and a Certificate of Good Standing required in Hawaii Revised Statutes (HRS) §103D-310(c) and Hawaii Administrative Rules (HAR) §3-122-112. This certificate of vendor compliance shall also be utilized as proof of tax clearance and good standing for contracts for health and human services pursuant to HRS chapter 103F.

Do you have other questions on the HCE process? Visit the HCE FAQ website for more information. 


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