Clients of the Virtual Incubation Program and the Tech Center Program may use conference rooms, training rooms, equipment, and a mailbox. The Manoa Innovation Center (Oahu) or Maui Research and Technology Center (Maui). Based on availability, these are some of the facility amenities that HTDC provides: 

  • High speed internet connectivity to office suites
  • Free hours of conference room/meeting room usage (fixed amount per month). All conference rooms are equipped with phones, projection screens, and wireless internet connectivity.
    • Manoa Innovation Center (MIC) - Three conference rooms
    • Maui Research and Technology Center (MRTC) - One conference room 
  • Use of facility photocopier, fax, and postage machine for nominal per use charges 
  • Mailing address and mailbox at MIC or MRTC
  • Training facility with internet connectivity (MIC only) 
  • Video teleconferencing center 
  • Presentation equipment 
  • On-site assistant property manager 


For further information about HTDC's Incubation Facilities, please visit: 


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