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 “Support from Innovate Hawaii (formerly HTDC-MEP and the Hawaii SBIR matching program) allowed us greater flexibility in our research and the ability to include local intelligence in shaping our application. The Aina Mo' product will create value for our company and the farming community, and close the loop on the biofuel process by recovering a current waste stream.” - Kelly King, Vice President of Pacific Biodiesel, a renewable energy company
 “Innovate Hawaii, (formerly The HTDC-MEP program) has provided us with multiple exporting government contacts, local business partnerships, connections in the manufacturing industry and valuable informational resources. This has helped us connect with other companies, forge new partnerships and develop strong exporting relationships.” - Monika Kathuria, President of Natural Edge Hawaii, a manufacturer of nutraceuticals and body care products using local natural ingredients.
 “Pelatron Technologies needed the AS9100 certification to qualify for new business opportunities with the federal government, as well as with commercial business.  Innovate Hawaii provided quality management trainers and consulting we needed to put into place a Quality Management System based on our business, and which led to our successful certification. We are grateful to the Innovate Hawaii team for working closely with us to understand our needs.  Their services greatly reduced the time it would have taken for us to obtain the certification on our own.  We look forward to working with them on future projects to enhance our growth.” - Bronson Aken, President & CEO, Pelatron Technologies LLC
 “As a local manufacturing business within an emerging agricultural segment, we appreciate the small business support provided by INNOVATE Hawaii by including us in exporting and manufacturing events. We appreciate being on their radar to participate in both educational events and networking opportunities with potential buyers.” - Tamara L. Armstrong, Manoa Chocolate Hawaii

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