This page provides status updates on the new manufacturing (ACT 215), Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) (ACT 216) and the alternative energy research (ACT 159) grant programs. Please contact Len Higashi at for questions.
Link to the Hawaii Administrative Rules
3/15/16 Update - The new grant programs are now open and accepting applications! Links to more information and applications can be found here:
2/26/16 Update - Governor Ige has approved the rules for the HTDC grant programs. The rules need to be posted for 10 days and then the programs begin.
1/7/16 Update
- The public hearing was on 1/5/16 and the proposed rules have been sent to the Governor for final approval.
12/17/15 Update -
Early comments are now being accepted.
12/1/15 Update -
Public Hearing scheduled for Tuesday, January 5, 2016 4:00pm HST.
11/24/15 Update - HTDC authorized to schedule a public hearing
9/11/15 Update - Draft rules are posted at
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ACT 215 | Manufacturing Grants

Establishes and appropriates funds for the manufacturing development program, through which the high technology development corporation shall distribute grants to Hawaii manufacturers for various activities. [Click here for more details]

ACT 216 | Small Business Innovation Research Grants

Authorizes and appropriates funds for HTDC to provide grants to businesses with a federal small business innovation research phase II or III award. [Click here for more details]

ACT 159 | Alternative Energy Research Grants

Authorizes the High Technology Development Corporation to provide 50 per cent matching grants to Hawaii awardees of alternative energy research grants from the Office of Naval Research. Makes appropriations. [Click here for more details]




Hawaii Administrative Rules


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